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Read about our staff. Feel free to request a certain artist to work with when you book your appointment. If you are an aspiring artist that is coachable, or you are already a licensed Tattoo Artist and are interested in possible employment opportunities, visit our Employment Opportunities page. If, after that, you still feel like you have what it takes, contact us. 

Rich specializes in black and grey, but also enjoys doing color work. Custom artwork and designs are always an option with Rich. He will be happy to draw up any design that you have in mind. He will work extensively with you to ensure that what you want is what you get....and more!

Rich is a member of the Nebraska Army National Guard, an Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran, an upstanding member of the community and a proud husband and father of two.

Rich has been doing artwork his entire life. He enjoys being challenged with new designs and anything crazy that you can come up with. If you can think it, he will ink it.

He will make your experience fun and enjoyable, but he has a "colorful" sense of humor that at times lacks any type of filter. Be prepared to laugh your a** off while laying in the chair!
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